PDF Practical Electrical Wiring: Residential, Farm, Commercial & Industrial: Based on the 2011 National Electrical Code DOWNLOAD Herbert P. Richter

Practical Electrical Wiring: Residential, Farm, Commercial & Industrial: Based on the 2011 National Electrical Code
Author: Herbert P. Richter
ISBN: 0971977968
Size: 121.1MB
Pages: 709
Publisher: Park Publishing, Inc.
Click to Download: [Practical_Electrical_Wiring_Re.zip]

This reference presents a comprehensive and detailed look at the critical revisions in technical topics driven by emerging technology and building-code changes comprise. Starting with a basic overview of the National Electrical Code and its enforcement, this handbook reviews the theory and practice of installing electrical wiring. The guidelines provide an essential context for understanding the major industry segments—residential, farm, commercial, and industrial—and the techniques help to prevent or solve all wiring problems. A wealth of tips and handy tricks offered in a professional, down-to-earth style make this a favorite on-the-job resource. Professional practitioners, students and apprentices, and those seeking more information to wire at home will find everything they need to know about the wiring trade in this handy volume.

PDF Ia vse mogu! Shagi k uspekhu DOWNLOAD Tatiana Samarina

Ia vse mogu! Shagi k uspekhu
Author: Tatiana Samarina
ISBN: 5957328146
Size: 6MB
Publisher: Ves
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Transerfing - eto instrument, s pomoshchiu kotorogo vy smozhete kardinalno izmenit svoiu zhizn i dobitsia vsego, chego khotite. Avtor etoi knigi ubezhdena: granitcy nashikh vozmozhnostei - eto lish ta gran, za kotoruiu my ne pozvoliaem sebe shagnut, chtoby vyiti iz zony nashego komforta. A esli nabratsia smelosti i nachat eksperimentirovat, to vyiasnitsia, chto ogranichenii ne sushchestvuet i nevozmozhnoe na samom dele - vozmozhno. No dlia etogo Transerfing dolzhen stat obrazom zhizni, ezhednevnoi praktikoi i deistviem. Kniga-trening Tatiany Samarinoi pomozhet vam samostoiatelno, shag za shagom proiti ves put ot postanovki namereniia do ego realizatcii. Esli vy khotite stat tvortcom sobstvennoi unikalnoi zhizni, poverit v sebia i v vozmozhnost realizatcii svoikh samykh smelykh zhelanii, nauchitsia vybirat dlia sebia emotcionalnoe sostoianie, uroven zdorovia i energetiki, dostatka i lichnogo schastia - otkroite knigu i nachnite deistvovat. Pomnite - vse zavisit tolko ot vas!

PDF The A.T. Guide Southbound 2014 DOWNLOAD David Miller

The A.T. Guide Southbound 2014
Author: David Miller
ISBN: 098298085X
Size: 19.73MB
Pages: 224
Publisher: Jerelyn Press
Click to Download: [The_A_T_Guide_Southbound_2014.zip]

The A.T. Guide is the guidebook of choice for hikes of any length on the Appalachian Trail. The book contains thousands of landmarks such as campsites, water sources, summits and gaps. The trail s elevation profile is included and every landmark is aligned to the profile. Hikers using this guide know where they are on the trail, what views, streams and campsites are ahead, and whether they ll be hiking uphill or downhill to get there.

The A.T. Guide is the most innovative trail guidebook ever developed. The Southbound edition is designed specifically for use by hikers travelling north to south on the A.T.

Features include:
- Mileages to landmarks north-to-south and south-to-north
- Elevation profile map for the entire trail
- Town maps.
- Mileages from all shelters to the next three shelters in each direction.
- GPS navigation coordinates for over 200 parking areas.
- Icons for easy identification of landmarks and services.